Crush Your Expert Book

Calling all entrepreneurs who want to write a book-

Have you ever wanted to write your Expert Book? Take your business to a new level? Elevate yourself to author status? Do you have a great idea spinning in your head, but you don't know where to start?

It's time to Crush Your Expert Book and go from entrepreneur to author with a minimum of stress and a maximum of fun.

If you're ready to take a simple step and see where you are, we invite you to take our quick quiz (only about 4 minutes - we won't waste your time) and find out how prepared you are to get your book done AND be an amazing tool that works for you.

Happy writing, New Authors-

Kristy Boyd Johnson

0-3= I haven't even started this yet.

4-6= I've given this some attention.

7-9= I'm doing really well here.

10= I have totally mastered this.

I. Vision

1. I got this - I have a clear, compelling vision for my book.

2. I know how to take my vision and organize it into book form.

3. Writer's block? No way. I have strategies and know how to move forward.

II. Organization

1. I know how to write an effective book that makes sense to my readers.

2. I understand how to make my content flow in a way that my readers appreciate.

3. I have access to a support system that helps me with feedback and editing.

III. Writing Productivity

1. I have a writing system that works for me and keeps me from feeling overwhelmed.

2. I have found my own voice and know how to communicate with my readers.

3. I easily balance running my biz and writing my book.

IV. Reader Relationship Building

1. I know and use transformational language that connects with my ideal audience.

2. I'm in tune with my clients, and my book gives them exactly what they need and want.

3. My book helps my audience solve a specific problem.

V. Commitment Level (0 = not committed, 10 = totally committed)

1. I am committed to writing and publishing my book within the next six months.

2. I am willing to invest the time it takes to write and publish my book.

3. I am willing to invest the money it takes to write and publish a book in the way that serves both myself and my business long-term.

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